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Cortica Journal club

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2023): OPEN SCIENCE : Accès aux savoirs scientifiques auprès des professionnels de santé et contribuer à la littératie scientifique citoyenne

The impact of social networks on learning and memory processes

September 8, 2023


Learning and memory processes in the human brain are complex and dynamic, influenced by various factors, such as cognitive and neural structures and systems, as well as memory types, age, and social influences. One person's social network can have an impact on the networks of their friends and community ties. This implies that changes in an individual's neural network can originate from someone else's social network. Studies have shown that our knowledge and memories can trigger similar neural responses as those within our social circles, even among individuals with whom we do not directly communicate. The brain's capacity to encode broader social networks affects the neural patterns in friends and community ties, and vice versa.


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